Black Friday 2016










We've got some great offers lined up for you for Black Friday, starting now!!!

You can get 50% off ANY event you intend joining the club at - just go to and use discount code AOC-BF. If the event you want to go to isn't listed it means we don't have ticket info yet! but don't fret select the black friday event option and we'll add you to the list so you don't miss out that 50% off when the ticket info becomes available!!

As we've got our new merchandise shop up and running what better than to offer up some discount - that's what Black Friday's all about after all! visit and use discount code AOC-BF


Don't forget as a club member you can get bigger discounts off our mechandise!! to join visit

Hold on a sec!

Now wait just a second, before you go running off, we're busy revamping our website so most of the features currently aren't available!

It won't be long though and you can login and find out all about us and what's coming up next season etc...

In the meantime feel free to find out more info about joining and being part of the club. You'll also find links to our shop and merchandise to get you all geared up for next year!!

ADI 2014!

ADI 2014 is nearly upon us and we have discounted tickets available to club members willing to join us on out club stand.  Lists were started in facebook so they'll remain there so for further details checkout our facebook group @


Chat's offline, apologies but there's been a technical glitch!

We'll let you know when its back up and running.