A little bit of Club history.....

The Club was formed back in 1997 by five enthusiast's of the Audi marque who were disillusioned with what was available in the form of a Club for Audi enthusiasts'.

The club quickly established itself with a fast growing user base- not only that, the members were enthusiastic, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. One of the main aims of the club is to be able to provide support and friendship and respect to members of the club and each other.

This is something we contantly strive for, and the club is proud of the enthusiasm and friendship and respect among the membership ranks.

From day one, ALL enthusiast's were welcome- regardless of which model (if any!), age and condition of the car were owned. (This excludes members that did not embrace the above policy)- members travel far and wide for events and meetings. Our most distant member currently resides in Sweden; cars owned by members currently cover just about everything with an Audi badge manufactured from the late 70's to current day machinery- standard and modified, new old- there is no "class" structure or elitism among our members- thankfully!

We're currently looking for regional hosts in various parts of the country, to assist with organising the club's attendance at local events. If you think you'd be interested in a regional role, please get in touch!

The club has recognition- and some support- from Audi UK, Audi Germany, Audi Sport UK and Audi Sport Germany. We are in no way affiliated with Audi or Audi UK, and all trademarks belong to their respective owners.